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It’s time for you to harness the power of digital marketing. As more patients in India go online seeking information throughout their wellness journey, the need for digital strategies and a sound medical marketing plan for doctors increases. Place this task in the hands of our expert medical marketers because we serve doctors. Continue providing optimal care to your patients while being assured we are doing the same for you.
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“Target” Based Marketing

Patients are the core of your practice, but what are the best marketing strategies to reach the patients you want? Doctors can easily fall into the trap of using generalized terminology online to reach potential patients. Instead of aiming too broad, we focus on narrowing in on your ideal patients through a well designed, targeted marketing plan.

Focus on Target “Conversion”

Get the guidance you need to create and deliver clear messaging that highlights your specific value proposition to prospective patients. From showcasing your unique medical talents, experience and complementary services to on-site testing and other conveniences available to your patients, we place an emphasis on converting targeted prospective patients into measurable growth for your practice.

“Track” Your Conversion and Traffic

Once you’re targeting leads and converting prospective patients, it’s essential to analyze the data to determine the return on your online advertising investment. Through proper analysis of increased traffic, queries and consultations, we track conversions to validate what’s working and adjust what could be working better for your healthcare practice so you realize sustained growth at desired volume levels.

“Optimize” Conversion for Profit

No matter where your medical expertise lies, we won’t lose sight of the goal of your medical marketing plan; the acquisition of new patients to help you grow your practice and realize increased profits. Implementing the right online strategies for your needs and giving priority to conversion optimization allows you to realize desired results and get the growth you’re after.

We offer our services to all medical practitioners

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Thanks you for building such great website and taking care of all my marketing needs. We are happy to see our presence over the internet. We now serve more patients than ever before.

Dr. Ravi Srivastava Aashirvad Hospital, Lucknow

We were looking for marketing professional who could deliver results from our nearby location. We severed patients who did not know our clinic was present in their city. Thanks for making us a brand.

Dr Shishir Roy Vinayka Ayurveda Clinic