The Digital Journey to Wellness: Hospital Selection

Google partnered with Compete, Inc. and fielded over 500 hospital researchers to understand what influences hospital selection and what role digital plays in the journey. For many, getting better when feeling sick means finding answers on your own. This study uncovers the how, when and where of the hospital selection process while highlighing what factors lead to a decision. 94% say it comes down to reputation.

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The Digital Journey to Recovery: Treatment Selection

Choosing a treatment center is a complicated process. To better understand the role that digital plays, Google studied the online path addicts follow, from making a decision to get treatment, to finally choosing a treatment center to aid in their recovery. This infographic will help providers see how people are searching and how long they look before choosing a facility. It also show how other factors, like health insurance, influence the treatment decision.

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4 Top Hospital Marketing Trends to Watch Right Now

The challenges and opportunities for hospitals and healthcare delivery emerge from an environment of near-constant change. And closely following top hospital industry and marketing trends today allow doctors, hospital executives and marketing professionals to proactively manage the course and direction of change. Read More

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