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Between striving to meet the needs of your patients and keep up with the administrative duties required in the healthcare industry in India, marketing your medical business is easily put on the back burner because you don’t have sufficient time to commit to these tasks.

Implementing paid medical marketing strategies is a cost effective tool to put targeted online advertising in front of your most relevant patients at the time they are seeking healthcare information and treatment.

Allow our team of medical marketing experts to help you increase your brand recognition and reach while attracting valuable patients at the same time.

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Paid marketing, or pay-per-click ads, is cost-effective online advertising that delivers results. With the ability to easily control the budget, we help you implement an ad campaign that works for the right price.

When searching for healthcare information online, up to 80% of patients click on sponsored links. With a high rate of engagement comes a high rate of conversion.

1. Get on Top of Search Results:
Sponsored links appear at the top of the page when a patient conducts a search. With well created paid medical marketing ads, you can capitalize on the placement and increase your reach.

2. Target Specific Geography
Paid marketing allows for targeting the geographic locations throughout India so you focus on locations most likely to have potential patients to grow your healthcare business.

3. Increase Leads by Retargeting:
It’s well documented that retargeting outperforms other targeting tactics if done right. We have the experience it takes to retarget for maximum lead generation.

4. Feature Your Business With Display Ads
Offer a custom designed look and customize display times to appeal to and attract valuable, local prospective patients.

5. Increase Reach to Social Audience:
Integrate your paid marketing campaign with your social media presence and increase your reach by appealing to those in your existing audience.

6. Target Audiences Who are Viewing Health Videos
Health videos attract good-sized audiences. Get in front of prospective patients by promoting your services to those viewing relevant health videos.

Paid Marketing Methodology

Select Paid Channels: With plenty of online distribution channels available, such as AdWords, Facebook or Outbrain, we review and select those that are most relevant to your practice and put our energies into maximizing returns.

Select Keywords: We consult with you to determine which geographic locations and patient personas are best suited to your healthcare business. Getting the right ads in front of the right people maximizes returns.

Target a Geography: Using geographically relevant keywords allows you to target optimal prospective patients and has the added advantage of boosting word-of-mouth exposure in targeted offline and online communities alike.

Campaign Set Up: What is likely an unknown to you, is our primary area of expertise. We use our knowledge and experience of digital medical marketing to design a paid marketing campaign that returns real results.

Measure Results: Paid marketing allows us to easily collect a wide range of data on what keywords and strategies work, and what needs improvement. This ensures that we are able to maximize your return on investment.

Retarget Visitors : The flexibility of paid marketing offers you the added incentive of retargeting your messaging in the moment, unlike traditional advertising methods. This easy realignment helps create an ideal environment for optimizing your conversion rates.

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Thanks you for building such great website and taking care of all my marketing needs. We are happy to see our presence over the internet. We now serve more patients than ever before.

Dr. Ravi Srivastava Aashirvad Hospital, Lucknow

We were looking for marketing professional who could deliver results from our nearby location. We severed patients who did not know our clinic was present in their city. Thanks for making us a brand.

Dr Shishir Roy Vinayka Ayurveda Clinic