How Video Marketing Influence Patients

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How Video Marketing Influence Patients

The fact about internet videos is it’s taking over the TV first time in the history of motion pictures. Video marketing has a great potential to influence prospective patients by educating them about hospitals services, expertise, and testimonials. A well-educating video drive traffic to hospital website which boosts the chances of making an appointment by the patient. A nicely crafted video has features like complete information, tendency to connect, great motion, sound and most of the time a story to tell. Marketing a video eventually fuel the conversion.

A recent forecast by Cisco says:

“India will reach 84 billion Internet video minutes per month by 2021, which is one hundred and sixty thousand years of video per month, or about thirty-two thousand video minutes every second.”

With that numbers, there is an immense opportunity for hospitals and doctors to gear up with their valuable video content to promote their organization.

Let’s look at some more facts which show how videos are influencing patients when they are in the journey of searching right hospital for them.

how videos are influencing patients
In above image, we can see that patients have a tendency to take some action after watching an online video on the medical center. Patients talk to friends and family to discuss information about the medical center. This is also found that they like to share the video on social networking sites where they seek reaction from the friends.

After getting some positive response from family, friends and social sites they contact the hospital for more information. This gives them the confidence to make an appointment with the hospital.

But wait, where are they watching all these online videos. For a medical marketing professional, this is important to place the video on right platform for the right audience. Failing to produce videos on best platforms will not produce the expected results. This will lead to complete failure of whole video marketing campaign.

According to Google, patients who search online for the hospitals finds videos on following places:

  • Hospital Sites (42%)
  • Health Insurance Information Sites (31%)
  • Health Information Sites (30%)
  • YouTube (29%)
  • Health Insurance Company Sites (20%)

Hospital Sites:

We can see the majority of videos are being watched on the hospital sites itself. This makes it much important to start marketing of videos from the hospital websites itself. When a patient land on a medical website they not only want to read about the doctor or hospital they also want to connect with them. Having videos on the home page and various specialty pages let them know even more about the medical center.

Health Insurance Sites:

Patients want to know if the treatment in the hospital will offer them any benefit of their health insurance policy. So they check for videos on health insurance information sites or on the health insurance company sites itself. This is a key influencing factor when the patient is in the middle of his journey.

Health Information Sites:

Health information sites are a great place to stop by patients for the medical center information. They here find various information in a well-formatted manner. Real patients reviews, specialties, address, working hours and facilities are some of the information which can be found on these sites. Some of the health information sites also provide videos and images of the medical center. These sites are a good option to find all information about the medical center other than their websites.


YouTube is the second largest popular search engine at present. After watching videos on the YouTube patients land directly on the medical center websites. Clearly, this influence patients decision making and increases the chances of appointment by 30%. Problem-solving videos on a treatment procedure or patient testimonials can be helpful for patients. This is also a good idea to link back from the YouTube video description to the medical center.

What are some effective healthcare video types to influence patients:

To leverage most out of video marketing for healthcare industry this is important to produce solid informative videos to attract more patients.

Ashley Zeckman at did a great job and listed some of the best video types which can be helpful to influence patients throughout their search journey.

  • Compelling or inspirational stories to connect with the audience
  • How-to guides for those that may not have a current medical need
  • Tips for avoiding seasonal sickness
  • Customer testimonials
  • General health education
  • Preventative tips
  • News on industry innovation
  • Interviews with current customers

These video types can be used according to needs of the hospitals or the doctors.

When we have already dived into the ocean of video marketing it becomes important for us to know the latest video marketing facts which can be useful for a kick ass video marketing campaign.

We have used information from and created below infographic to understand the video trends in upcoming future:

Infographic Video Stats for 2017


Video marketing can be an effective way of producing informative content which influences patients throughout their journey of searching healthcare center. Make sure to choose right platforms for marketing videos. Create videos which can connect to patients and provide information about various aspects of the hospital.