The Future OF Telemedicine in India

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What is telemedicine? Telemedicine refers to the practice of exchange of medical information from one location to the other using electronic communication when the patient and the doctor can’t be physically present in one place. As quoted by the World Health Organisation, Telemedicine has defined as “The delivery of health-care services, where distance is a […]


Reputation Management for Medical Practitioners

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What is Reputation Management Online reputation management or ORM is the digital art of framing or influencing about the reputation of an individual or an organization. Patients look for the information about the practitioner online to make themselves educated. They do enough research on symptoms, medical conditions, doctors, and hospitals before visiting a practitioner. In […]

How Video Marketing Influence Patients

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How Video Marketing Influence Patients The fact about internet videos is it’s taking over the TV first time in the history of motion pictures. Video marketing has a great potential to influence prospective patients by educating them about hospitals services, expertise, and testimonials. A well-educating video drive traffic to hospital website which boosts the chances […]

Hospital Marketing in Digital India

What Will Hospital Marketing Like in Digital India

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With growing internet users in India, patients are now more educated than ever before. They want every possible details about the hospital before taking any treatment. The digital transformation of India has already affected their decision-making which will rapidly grow in the days to come. With this digital transformation technology in India now medical marketing […]